West Bay day

Fish were everywhere at West Bay
Fish were everywhere at West Bay

It’s Groundhog Day and Wiarton Willie would have no trouble seeing his shadow on Roatan today on this hot, blue sky day.

I understand there’s a snowstorm going on at home in Ontario. So in unity with our Canadian comrades, we seek out the most reasonable facsimile we can find and that’s the white sand of West Bay Beach.

Water taxi is the only way to travel on such a beautiful day and our driver Omar zips us across for the quick ride to West Bay Beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s busy but not overly crowded today – tomorrow when several mega cruise ships will be in port, it will be packed with cruisers determined to make the most of their day in the sun. We make a beeline for the far end of the beach by the Infinity Bay Resort where we’ve been told the snorkeling is superb.

It is no idle boast. As soon as we don our fins and are in water barely above our knees, fish are everywhere, including sergeant majors, angelfish and some other fairly large ones whose identity is beyond my piscine recognition skills.

Spotted on the reef near Infinity Bay resort
Spotted on the reef near Infinity Bay resort

The reef is a little tricky to negotiate where the coral is high and the water shallow but we manage to navigate our way through its channels into deeper water and can tell from the hue of the ‘deep blue’ in the near distance that we have come close to the wall, where the reef suddenly gives way to a huge drop to seemingly endless depths.

We stick close to the reef and spend an enjoyable couple of hours watching its colourful inhabitants swim and feed. (Awesome video to come once we get home).

Sometimes I wonder how low I will go (60 feet deep apparently based on yesterday’s dive) and to what heights for my significant other who tends to be the instigator of these adventures. Today it was 800 feet in the sky as we got strapped into harnesses and made like a tandem human kite behind a speed boat. Or as it’s more commonly know, parasailing.

Up, up and away
Up, up and away

It was like sitting in a big, gently rocking swing high above the water and I had not the slightest trepidation about being so lofty. Our perch afforded an incredible view of the ocean and Roatan’s green, hilly landscape and it ended far too soon.

With so many adventures packed into one day, we headed back to West End in Omar’s water taxi, stopping briefly to tow a stranded boater to shore enroute, then went to The Landing for a bite to eat.

There we ran into the crew from Ruthless Roatan – Tim, Michelle and Blue – who took us on our most memorable Roatan adventure last year: a boat trip to Cayos Cochinos where we snorkeled in the most pristine water we’d ever seen and spent a few fascinating hours with the Garifuna tribe, who live without electricity or running water.

Seeing the Ruthless gang twigged our memory of our fantastic time last year and now we have a dilemma: Should we book a Ruthless repeat? Cayos might not be in the cards but the sunset cruise sounds tempting. Stay tuned! So much to do, so little time.




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