Island idyll

Today we got to move beyond the cozy confines of West End when a Honduran friend of ours offered to take us on a tour of some other parts of the island. So we climbed into his truck and headed east along Roatan’s one main roadway that we shared with bicycles, scooters and tourists in rental cars who didn’t know where the heck they were going.

It was the kind of perfect day we remembered from last year. Brilliant blue skies, temperatures pleasantly hovering around 80 and just the slightest of ocean breezes. We passed through Coxen Hole. It was a cruise ship day and we spotted three of the massive behemoths that float tourists by the thousands into Roatan moored at their docks.

The road is winding and narrow so you can’t hit 401-style speeds but it was a great day to just cruise and enjoy the lush, rolling topography of Roatan. Those who don’t leave the all inclusives clustered along West Bay Beach or the bohemian rhapsody of West End don’t know what they are missing. The east end of the island is spectacular, with breathtaking views of the ocean and the lush jungle greenery of its rolling hills. You can see both sides of the islands from some points, which is pretty cool.

We traipsed around our friend’s property that right now has little more than some rustic roads, newly installed hydro lines and freshly cleared land but offers the promise of incredible views to Sunset Ridge’s future vacation home buyers. We stopped next door at Havana Bay Beach, an exquisite stretch of white sand where cruise shippers come to pass the day in a postcard-perfect setting, sunning themselves on the beach, drinking Monkey Lalas under palapas and swimming and snorkeling in aqua waters. We will make a return trip next week and bring our swimsuits and snorkeling gear and make like we are cruisers.

It was a great day to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the first time I met my travelling buddy and the guy who has shared my life since. Our first date was in a coffee shop in Whitby on a chilly night. Tonight, we celebrated at the Argentinian Steakhouse in West End. We had grilled lobster tails – maybe next week we’ll go to the Lobster Pot for steak. The lobster was luscious and the mojitos were marvellous. The banana flambe was a decadent finale.

Seeing as I’ve eaten key lime pie, rum cake and banana flambe in the last few days, tomorrow it really is time to swim off some of those calories. If it’s cloudy, we have a backup plan: zip lining at Gumba Limba Park or hiking nature trails at Carambola Gardens.

Roatan's beaches are awesome!
Roatan’s beaches are awesome!

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