I wish I could regale you with exciting tales of zip lining or para sailing or whale shark sightings. Nope . Today was about sync-ing with the island rhythm, slowing the pace. At home, we call it being lazy.
Awake at 7 a.m. I indulged in some TV watching that included a heady combination of real estate porn and a fascinating reality show about a hillbilly who wades into ponds to catch snapping turtles and into dank crawl spaces to grab groundhogs by the tail.
But the promise of a hot, blue sky day lured me to the balcony to tediously tap out yesterday’s blog entry on my iPhone as hummingbirds battled it out at the feeder within arms’ reach and a curious gecko came calling.
We did make the 5 minute journey to West End where crews are busy with shovels and wheelbarrows cleaning up mounds of seaweed a storm churned up a few days ago.
Today it’s time to sample another Roatan taste treat: lion fish tacos at the Cannibal Cafe. Lion fish is an invasive species here and a threat to the native reef dwellers. So I figure I’ve helped to eliminate one more threat by chowing down on one wrapped in a corn tortilla. Invasive and tasty!
On the way back to Casa Canuck, we meet Rino Jackson carrying his adorable baby girl Amelia. Rino owns Scuba Roatan where last year we got our diving certification. We tell him we will see him soon to re-learn everything we have forgotten since last year. The afternoon activities include more lazing interspersed with more reading before another trek into town. We stroll the entire length of downtown West End sharing the narrow street with other pedestrians, cars and scooters. We stop and film three boys having a grand time swimming in the mass of seaweed that’s washed up close to shore. Who knew that brown smelly water weeds could be so much fun?
It’s happy hour at the Splash Inn pizzeria so we get two beer, two glasses of wine and a large Mediterranean pizza for a grand total of $25. The sunset view? Priceless.


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