Tuesday is for tacos

imageWe were thrilled to discover that one of West End’s popular sports bars has upheld a tradition we discovered last year – Tuesday Night $1 Tacos! Can you say cheap eats? But before I get to our Mexican fiesta night, let’s recap the day’s prior activities.
We spent the morning visiting with Casa Canuck owners Stan and Joan and heard the story of how they relocated from northern Alberta to their current digs in Roatan. It takes guts and daring to sell everything and move to a new country and way of life. I’m sure Stan misses repairing furnaces in -40 degree weather and thinks fondly of blizzards when he’s out in 30 degree weather catching tuna.
We headed to downtown West End to grab lunch at one of our favourite cafés, Earth Mama’s but sadly, it had closed. We found a backup plan in a charming little resto where we ate schnitzel and spatzle while gazing at the ocean.
Next up for me was a Thai massage at Chez Breezy where I got stretched where I again had to put up with a view of blue sky and blue water.
Now back to Taco Tuesday. We trekked down to Monkey Island with Joan and Stan and fellow Casa Canuck guests Sam and Bill and washed down our yummy $1 tacos with beer and fruity drinks. We met Monkey Island manager Adam who is a real-life treasure hunter. He showed us photos of some of his finds – centuries old coins and gold pieces. Next it was on to Caribbean Rotisserie Chicken for dessert – out of this world rum cake. Sugar rush!
The day came to a fine end as we adjourned back to Casa Canuck and did some star gazing from the dock.
By the way, today’s blog is brought to you courtesy of my iPhone seeing as my brand new fancy laptop decided yesterday it was on permanent vacation and went kaput.


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