Thrills and chills!


They say getting there is half the fun. I don’t know about that, but I do know that by the time we touched down at Roatan airport, we had already had a full day of adventures. It started with a Fast and Furious-style ride to the airport in the van provided by the service we hired. I think our driver – perhaps a Formula 1 racer wannabe – set a new land speed record, delivering us from our door in Oshawa to Pearson Terminal 3 in 37 minutes flat. 

There was good news and bad news at check-in. Bad news: Rolland had abided by the weight restrictions imposed by the airline but missed the part about it having to be contained in one checked bag. Luckily the counter attendant took pity on him and agreed to let the extra bag go through as a sports bag – it did contain our snorkeling gear – so we wouldn’t pay a hefty penalty fee. Then we discovered the seats in row 6 we had paid $25 each to book were actually for our return flight, so we had to take what was available and those were seats in row 29. Back of the bus! The good news is we got a coupon to hang out in a ritzy airport lounge with hot buffet breakfast, soft lighting and soothing music plus free newspapers. Living the life! No one would ever guess that we were Row 29 people, not fancy front of the plane folks.

Casa LR
Our Roatan home for the next two weeks. Casa Canuck Suite 2!

The flight was uneventful; the landing was the white knuckle kind that shaves years from your life. Consider the factors: heavily clouded skies, rain, a short runway precariously close to the ocean. The plane tilted and tossed like a Wobbling Goblin on the final descent, hit the tarmac, slammed to a halt and wheeled around before we came THIS CLOSE to careening off into the jungle or ocean or something – if I wasn’t busy watching my life flash before my eyes, I could have supplied a better description.

It was déjà vu – we arrived in Roatan in the pouring rain, just like last year. Our lovely hosts, Stan and Joan, proprietors of Casa Canuck were on hand to greet us and we are ensconced in a lovely little studio apartment with a private deck where a tiny hummingbird is perched on our clothesline.

Now off to find some fruity island liquid refreshment…


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